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The Future

Ensuring a secure financial future for yourself and your family is not something that can usually be left to chance. Our view is that proper planning is essential, as are regular reviews. There are many different areas of finances: from savings and investments to retirement and long term care planning. At Octagon Wealth Management Ltd we aim to understand your requirements so we can provide advice to help you meet your objectives.

Your bank or building society may be very competitive on one product but not necessarily another and although the Internet can be an amazing source of information, it can sometimes be difficult to find the correct web site to meet your specific needs. Many sites that claim to offer the consumer ‘impartial’ advice has the simple objective of trying to sell you a product.

Octagon Wealth Management are a firm of Independent Financial Advisors and are therefore authorised and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conducts Authority) rules, any advice we provide will be based on your individual needs and circumstances. The term for this is ‘suitable advice’ and ‘suitable advice’ cannot be given unless we understand your unique circumstances and objectives.

This means that we must gain a full understanding of your requirements before advising on any financial products.

Why not take a look at our generic areas of interest and then contact us for a no obligation discussion so we can understand your exact requirements. After all we’re here to offer Independent Financial Advice to suit your circumstances.