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Our Process

Stage 1: Your Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will comprise of:

  • Initial meeting with one of our qualified Directors.
  • A chance to ask questions and understand what we do.
  • Opportunity for us to find out what help you require.
  • Discuss the options available to you from our range of services.
  • Information about our charges.

There is no charge for this initial consultation

Stage 2: Review of Your Current Situation

We will carry out an extensive assessment of your financial circumstances at the outset to establish your financial planning requirements. This will include:

  • Gathering information about your existing financial arrangements.
  • Review your investment knowledge and attitude and tolerance towards investment risk and capacity for loss (if any!).
  • Present a full and thorough assessment and suitability of any existing holdings; this will include a review to see if your existing policies could be utilised in a more effective manner.

If we conclude that we have no financial planning recommendations after this review we will advise you accordingly and there will be no fee charged.

Stage 3: Construction of Your Recommended Portfolio:

If we conclude that we can offer you advice in the areas that we have identified we will contact you to discuss moving to the next stage and any potential fees associated with this process will be disclosed for your review and agreement at that point.

    • Preparing our recommendations to you based on your agreed attitude to investment risk and financial and personal objectives.
    • Appraisal of ALL REGULATED INVESTMENT OPTIONS* based on our product and fund knowledge.
    • Production of bespoke, multi asset, diversified solution where appropriate specifically tailored to your requirements

Should you wish to proceed we provide confirmation of the suitability of all recommendations and the basis of this advice in writing.

* As Independent Financial Advisors we will recommend investments based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market. We will place no restrictions on the Investment Markets we will consider before providing investment recommendations, unless you instruct us otherwise.

Stage 4: Implementation

The implementation of our personal recommendations for you will include:

  • Regular updates throughout the implementation process and handling of all fund and policy administration on your behalf.
  • Ensure all your documents are issued in line with your expectations.

Stage 5: On-going Reviews

Your financial objectives may change over time due to changes in your lifestyle or circumstances. We believe it is essential to ensure that your portfolio continues to meet your lifestyle and investment objectives. Our ongoing review and planning service offers:

  • Structured reviews to give you peace of mind
  • Assessment of your current circumstances and any changes to your plans that are needed
  • Assessment of your current circumstances and any changes to your plans that are needed
  • Regular updates and information regarding your holdings
  • A choice of differing levels of support depending on your needs
  • Ongoing support with correspondence and administration issues

Our fees for these services will be outlined and agreed by you prior to advice being given.